Adam Juresko, (When You Wake) You’re Still In A Dream


Adam Juresko is a prolific artist with a distinct voice and style that any Richmonder will recognize from seeing his artwork in galleries and restaurants throughout the area.  His reach certainly extends beyond RVA through the sale and distribution of his popular movie posters.  Adam re-imagines the graphics and adds vivid colors and typography for a result that is often more dynamic and evocative than the original.  You can see some of these same ideas used in his artwork.  For his current Shop Show at Quirk, Adam has created 36 brand new pieces that incorporate graphic wallpaper with portraits and images manipulated through a copying process that helps achieve the stylized picture quality.  His opening at the beginning of this month was a huge success and we’re so thrilled Adam is spending more time in Richmond after calling Philadelphia home for the past few years.  In advance of his Shop Show, Adam obliged us by answering a few questions about himself and his new body of work.

Quirk Gallery: How do you decide on the content of your work?  What is it that inspires the combination/juxtaposition of the images you use?

Adam Juresko: I’ll arrange for a gaggle of magazines to show up at my house very late in the night.  Like, 4,5 a.m.  As they parade themselves in through my doorway I’ll jump out and just really give them a good scare.  Whatever pages come flapping out of them as they shake in pure terror I’ll snatch up like one of those contestants in a money booth.  I’ll use those images.

QG: Is there something about your work that you hope viewers will recognize?  What do you hope they’ll take away from the experience of viewing your pieces?

AJ: Oh, I don’t know.  I suppose they are pretty open to interpretation, or flat out mockery.  I can’t imagine anything I do as having any profound affect on anyone so I really don’t think about that side of it when I’m working.

QG: What’s next for you?  Are you working on any other projects?

AJ: I have a music project named DECADES/FAILURES that I spend an embarrassing amount of time on.  Writing music, recording music, that’s really important to me.  I don’t really have anything else going on.

QG: Are there things about Richmond, specifically, that you find artistically inspiring?

AJ: There are so many great artists here and it just makes me want to do better.  The work ethic here is really what inspires me and in a way I’m just trying to keep up.  You see these incredible people really putting in the effort, perfecting their craft and it makes you want to step up and do the same.  I appreciate that to no end.

QG: When you aren’t working, what are your favorite things to do or favorite places to go?

AJ: I have an incredibly hard time leaving my room or relaxing so I guess I’m always trying to work on something.  I do like getting out to the movies, or even just riding around on the bus is kinda nice.  I was in the Kroger closest to campus a few days ago and this woman was in front of me actually factually crying on the phone to her mother saying repeatedly how she didn’t know how to do this and she was fully having a breakdown in front of me.  I assumed she was just talking about having to shop for groceries by herself but if she was talking about life in general I was like, yeah, I know what you mean.




Adam Juresko’s Shop Show, “(When You Wake) You’re Still In A Dream” continues at Quirk Gallery through Saturday, April 26.  His work can be seen along with the work of Amy Rice (Main Gallery) and Arlie Trowbridge (The Vault).