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Happy Valentine’s Day from Quirk!

Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at Quirk! We know today isn’t for everyone and that all that goes along with Valentine’s Day can be a little polarizing. It is, however, one of our favorite days of the year. It’s a reason to celebrate love in all forms. You may take today to share love with… Read more »

Spring: a playlist curated by Brian McDaniel

  We’ve fallen a little behind on our mixtapes lately but we hope you’ll enjoy the latest curated by Brian McDaniel—one of our all-time favorite Richmonders. Brian did make this for us in anticipation of spring but these selections still work for a chill summer day.  

9 to 5 Sunny Days Mixtape

        Play while driving with the windows down, at the pool, beach, or at your desk day dreaming. Slather on that SPF and turn it way up…    

Quirk’s Vintage Valentine Mixtape

  It’s probably no surprise that Valentine’s Day is Quirk’s favorite holiday—pink, hearts, flowers, chocolate, cards, presents—how can you go wrong? We’re also a couple of suckers for a good love song. Sara Gossett, a favorite Richmond artist and one of the greatest people you will ever meet, put together this terrific playlist of groovy… Read more »

Quirk Gallery’s Best of 2014 Mixtape

Hope 2014 was as good a year for you as it was for us. While we’re looking ahead to our own bright future in 2015, we can’t help but reflect on the great things about this past year: we started work on a new home, got a new puppy, made some new friends, exhibited some… Read more »


Jason Mazzola took over this months mixtape! A talented dude both in art and music, he has done design work / shirts for Strike Anywhere, Midnight, Rival Schools, Praise, and fliers for Vinyl Conflict…. let alone being in RVA’s own band Cloak/Dagger. The inspiration for this mixtape is said best in his own words: “I… Read more »

Significance of Stuff

by Lucy Quirk loves stuff.  We love art, objects, trinkets, knick-knacks, tchotchkes, and the unspoken stories told by inanimate things and collections.  Recently we had the pleasure of hearing venerated artist Mark Dion, another great appreciator of “stuff,” speak about his prolific body of work at the University of Richmond.  Dion is widely recognized for… Read more »


This month, we asked our friend Bonnie Staley to take over the mix-tape! She was the perfect lady to ask, an amazing singer/ songwriter/ guitarist performing in bands and solo acts around town. Ranging from old country to new progressive rock – this girl has serious talent. Her playlist has been on repeat for days!… Read more »

Beer Can Hanging Planter

This quick and cute project works with any type of aluminum drink can, we just happened to have these delightful beer cans on hand after a recent opening. 1.  aluminum drink can 2.  can opener 3.  hole punch 4.  string or twine 5.  pebbles 6.  potting soil 7.  plant (mine is in great need of… Read more »

Summer on the Soleil Mixtape

  This musical playlist is inspired by our friend Helen’s life in Richmond, right now. As summer goes on waxing and waning…

Springtime Seduction

We’ll let the title speak for itself.  Open the windows and light some Nag Champa.  Enjoy.

From the desk of: Barbara Iobst

Barbara Iobst works in tin, paper and fabric.  Her pieces cut from printed tin were featured on Quirk’s shop walls in February 2013 and in the archives.  For the fall she created block printed fabric owls, plus bats and crows, for our front window.  This April and May, her soft-sculpture snails of fabric and found… Read more »

Adam Juresko, (When You Wake) You’re Still In A Dream

Adam Juresko is a prolific artist with a distinct voice and style that any Richmonder will recognize from seeing his artwork in galleries and restaurants throughout the area.  His reach certainly extends beyond RVA through the sale and distribution of his popular movie posters.  Adam re-imagines the graphics and adds vivid colors and typography for… Read more »

Arlie Trowbridge

Since graduating from VCU’s School of the Arts in 2010, Arlie Trowbridge has become a seriously accomplished artist creating wearable glass pieces and producing work for her jewelry line, Urban Revisions. You may have seen her signature glass cluster rings and necklaces or her shredded scarves in Quirk’s shop over the years.  Her work has… Read more »

Mixtape Takeover

  After a busy installation week, the opening reception for Adam Juresko’s Shop Show and Arlie Trowbridge’s Vault Show, followed by a really great First Friday we’re working on getting back to normal and reorganized here at the gallery.  We’ve decided to follow our opening weekend with a new mix tape each month and we… Read more »

Sarah Hand “heart’s desire”

Sarah Hand is an artist who works in many disciplines including drawing, painting, and sculpting.  Her pieces always seems to inspire happiness and optimism and we’re more than happy to welcome her back to Quirk.  The work she’s created for her current Shop Show, “heart’s desire” features 16 delicate paintings on plaster panels.  They hint… Read more »

Aimee Joyaux

We are so pleased to welcome Petersburg artist, Aimee Joyaux back to Quirk after her simultaneous Shop Show and Vault exhibits last fall.  Her current Vault show features six new large scale drawings in oil pastel, acrylic paint and pencil on paper.  Aimee has established herself as a prolific and popular artist working in a… Read more »

Amy Rice, “be attitudes”

Quirk’s Main Gallery exhibit for the months of March and April features the mixed media work of Minneapolis artist, Amy Rice. “Beginning with not-so-traditional print making methods (hand cut stencils and a Japanese Gocco printmaking toy) [Rice] makes original, one-of-kind pieces by additionally employing acrylic, gouache, ink and collage. Her ‘canvases’ range from weathered wood… Read more »

Style to Admire: the photographs of Slim Aarons

Slim Aarons is a name synonymous with style, elegance, and class.  You may have seen several of his portrait subjects in the display cases in our shop dressed with Quirk jewelry or maybe you’ve thumbed through a few of the Aarons books we’ve had on our shelves.  We love the quality of light and color… Read more »


As 2013 draws to a close, we’re thinking about all the things that made this year great and, more specifically, all the music that helped define it.  Katie, Mary, Adam, Lucy, and Michael-Birch have each picked a few of the tunes that scored the moments we’ll never forget.

Molly Anne Bishop, “You You You + Me”

We’ve been long-time fans of Molly Anne Bishop and seized the opportunity to exhibit her work before she leaves Richmond for Montana next month.  Her ceramics are always touching and truly inspired and she’s created a brand new series of pieces specifically for her exhibit in The Vault.  To see Ms. Bishop’s new work with… Read more »

Robey Clark

Robey Clark’s Main Gallery show at Quirk is filled with large-scale, colorful screen prints that are perfect for summer.  His current exhibit also features wheat paste pieces on wood panels and black and white prints on panel and paper that are covered with a variety of bold textures and energetic details.  Mr. Clark, who grew… Read more »

Sara Gossett, “Dream Threads”

Quirk is thrilled to be exhibiting the vibrant work of Richmond artist, Sara Gossett in her Shop Show “Dream Threads: Imagined Textiles in Watercolor.”  Ms. Gossett’s hand-drawn geometric designs and patterns filled with bright, bold colors are perfect for a fresh summer exhibit.  So enamored with her work, we asked Sara a few questions to… Read more »


Michael-Birch, aka Fashion, brought his little princess Aurora into work on Friday. So basically, we were all busy fawning over this cutie … I mean, we were working… working really, really hard. Aurora who?


He slays the music video world yet again… David Bowie is a master. It’s all so refreshingly him it just couldn’t be anyone else. So, click the link and enjoy! We certainly do.