Beer Can Hanging Planter

This quick and cute project works with any type of aluminum drink can, we just happened to have these delightful beer cans on hand after a recent opening.



1.  aluminum drink can
2.  can opener
3.  hole punch
4.  string or twine
5.  pebbles
6.  potting soil
7.  plant (mine is in great need of some TLC)

02_and_03_can-openerUse the can opener to remove the top of the can.  If it takes a couple go-rounds with the can opener do not dismay, some cans are easier to do this to than others!  As you’re removing the top of the can with the can opener it’s also folding down the sharp edge it leaves, making the lip of the can finger friendly.

04_and_05_hole-punch-and-stringsUse a standard hole punch to make the holes for the planter’s strings.  We’ve found that three strands of twine is a good amount to hang this size planter from, more than that looks excessive and aren’t necessary for stability.

06_putting-rocks-in-canTo allow the soil to drain when watering my plant I put pebbles in the bottom of the can.  If using rocks collected outside it’s a good idea to rinse them with water and a mild soap.  Holes poked in the bottom of the can will serve the same purpose, but have a higher potential for drippiness during watering.

07_putting-dirt-in-canAfter placing rocks in the bottom of the planter it’s time to add the soil.  We used a generic potting mix.  Almost finished!


Once the can is mostly filled with dirty it’s time to add the plant, adding more dirt around it after placing it in the can.  This little guy is the only survivor from a terrarium I made at Quirk event this spring–hopefully his new digs will bring him back to life!


And voila!  Happily planted!


Have fun using different cans, plants, and types of string for your planters.  Some of these are succulents, some are climbing vines, and some are mystery plants that have been floating around Quirk needing a cute new home.  Enjoy emptying your cans and craft away!