Aimee Joyaux, Artist Reception

Aimee Joayux_show card_FRONT

Petersburg artist, Aimee Joyaux has created several vibrant new works on paper and will be showing them at Quirk through August 30.

Quirk will host a reception on the Mezzanine level at Quirk Hotel on the evening of Thursday, August 18 from 5 pm to 8 pm. We hope you’ll join Aimee and us, enjoy some refreshments, and toast this fantastic artist in one of our favorite spots at Quirk Hotel.

“My work examines contradiction and bias, situating a personal experience within a grand narrative through language, iconography, and gestural fields of color. This engagement with cultural memory explores ideas of power and place. Southern Folklore is fascinating to me—all that remorse and regret. Vernacular drawn from culture clashes and communities isolated in mountain hollows. Language is at the core of my process and appears frequently in my work. My search bears witness to the countless media headlines. Words appear scrawled on surfaces—stumbling, half-knowingly, to form a calculated incoherence. This record of my thoughts is an attempt to categorize or map our cultural landscape into a hybrid kind of order. It fulfills a need for structure in a world that doesn’t make sense. I want to remember what I want to forget.”