“All That Glitters” by Terence Sullivan

  • Date: 23 February 2013

  • Time: 12:00 am – 12:00 am

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Quirk is thrilled to announce its upcoming, one night only event, “All That Glitters…” Works by Terence
Sullivan, on view February 23rd through February 24, 2013. Please join us at 8pm on February 23rd for
a night of music, libations, and paintings filled with cinematic flair and longing. Limited edition
merchandise by Sullivan, exclusive for Quirk, will also be sold the evening of the event.
Sullivan’s current body of work is comprised of his ongoing series “I WISH YOU LOVED ME LIKE IN
FILMS”, and new paintings that continue the themes of lust, loss, disappointment, and the overwhelming
need to beloved. Through the use of appropriated images from films and media, Sullivan paints saturated
portraits that capture moments of heightened emotion.
Sullivan’s position is that we, as audience members, find ways to project our emotions and desires onto
film characters and the cinematic world in which they live. This projection can ignite within us both
inspiration and self destruction. The comparison opens our eyes to the residual bruising of past
relationships and the shortcomings of what may be our current relationships. Sullivan then layers gold
text on top of the portraits in order to confront the emotional turmoil we feel. These phrases serve as a
plea for a more intense and beautified life, and the gold paint is a nod to the heightened drama of
Hollywood love.
The objective is to have the viewers find themselves in each painting without feeling like voyeurs
in someone else’s love story. There is a sense that the moment in each painting is fleeting and
will eventually pass. The comparison can be made that, like films, relationships can be intense,
unattainable, and can leave deep impressions in us long after they are over.