Artists Reception: Mary Scurlock + Pam Sutherland


Our first exhibits of the new year feature two Richmond artists, Mary Scurlock and Pam Sutherland, both showing for the very first time at Quirk Gallery. A reception with the artists will be held on Friday, January 13 from 5:00 to 8:00 pm in the Main Gallery and the Mezzanine at Quirk Hotel. Please join us to toast these talented Richmond artists and the beginning of an exciting exhibition year at Quirk.

Mary Scurlock’s mixed media pieces incorporate handwriting samples taken from letters to her mother, Margaret, written weekly by her father while he was stationed overseas. “It had been years since I laid eyes on this private exchange between my parents but I went to great lengths to find them again after my mother’s passing [in early 2016]. Both my father and mother were present again for me in the story recorded on these fragile and decaying pages; it was with a resolve that I set out to preserve them and honor their memory….As the handwritten word fades from our collective memories, these works become not only about the grieving process, but an invitation to the viewer to consider the letter itself as an artifact of a shared history. A once vital part of a human need for connection, the handwritten letter that served as a personal witness to a life is beginning to disappear from the physical landscape a life leaves behind.”

Mary Scurlock’s work will be featured in Quirk’s Main Gallery January 6 through February 19. The Mezzanine at Quirk Hotel will feature new work by Pam Sutherland January 6 through March 12. This exhibit is comprised of a series of collages on paper, each “prompted by a single scrapbook page. The scrapbook itself was scavenged from a random drawer of a deceased friend and colleague, Kevin Kelly, months after he passed away.” Sutherland’s new pieces, like Scurlock’s, evoke a sense of sentimentality and seek to honor loved ones lost.