D For Dolls Trunk Show


D For Dolls is a new venture for artist, VCU alum, and former Quirk team member, Nastassja Swift. Nastassja works to create felted figures that are familiar as dolls, yet feel a lot like miniature sculptures. Each doll has their own personality and is needle felted, styled and dressed with a pinch of charm and a whole lot of sass.

Artist’s statement: “I am a multi disciplinary artist who utilizes fiber art methodologies to create work that embodies the uncertainty I have with my version of blackness. My work addresses both my reaction to experiencing racism, both internal and external, and subsequently, the desire to construct the right identity in order to achieve acceptance. The social hierarchy determined by lighter or darker skin tones that exists within the black community has been influential to how I understand my identity and a major conceptual component of my practice. Alluding to feelings of doubt and anxiety, my work highlights struggles with skin tone, speech and hair that I experience as a black woman and artist, and how I process and cope with those struggles.

Through fusing memories of my childhood with fictional responses, I am able to depict provocative yet playful self-portraits and narratives that illustrate my feelings of discomfort, otherness and invisibility. ”

We are thrilled to feature Nastassja’s newest work in this special trunk show event! Please come check out her beautiful work for yourself and take some time to chat with this lovely, talented, and amazing young artist we’re so very fond of.