• Date: 14 October 2012

  • Time: 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm

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FEAST RVA is a not for profit community driven project to democratically fund the work of local creatives. FEAST (Funding Emerging Art with Sustainable Tactics) began in Brooklyn, New York as an organization that believed creative work should not have to rely solely on the support of exclusive, private capital.

The idea is simple, FEAST attendees donate $25 for dinner and drinks at a local venue. Upon entry, participants receive a ballot with a list of proposals by local artists. Throughout the night short presentations are given for each idea, after which attendees have the opportunity to discuss the proposals with the artist. At the conclusion of the night, ballots are cast, and the artist with the most votes receives $500 comprised of a portion of the door money.

Started in 2009, the Brooklyn FEAST project has raised over $15,000. FEAST RVA intends to join the ranks of others around the country who are rethinking how art and creative work is being funded. Not only will FEAST RVA offer networking opportunities for creative people with ideas, but it will enable one artist per event to walk away with cash in hand to support his or her project.

Ideas are selected for the ballots based on three main criteria:

1) Originality – Is the idea innovative? Is it compelling?

2) Richmond Based – Are you a resident of Richmond, VA? FEAST RVA is looking to support the work of local creatives exclusively.

3) Feasibility – Is your idea plausible, and fully considered? Is it pointed and clear? Is it well presented?

Overall, FEAST RVA is open to almost any proposal, granted it meets the above guidelines. Be it a community event, a mobile comic shop, or a warehouse mural, we simply want to support the local creative flatbed of Richmond, VA. So long as it’s well thought out you have a good chance of making it on the ballot. However, you must be at the event to present your proposal. If you are not in attendance, your idea will not be considered.


The meal for this first feast will be provided by the fine folks at Cellar Door with Sticky To-Go-Go providing appetizers.
The night will also feature music by “The Bird and Her Consort”
Tickets range from $22.50 – $25
To Purchase a ticket click here.