Garden Flags with Guard n Flags

Garden Flags with Guard n Flags FRONT

Join us for basic screen printing where you can create your very own garden flag, while considering concepts of growth, boundaries, friendship, care & love. We will provide quotes & imagery for you to mix & match, experiment with color mixing, demonstrate printing on fabric, & other printing tricks!

“We became interested in flags because they are objects that have historically expressed pride, power, and tradition. As individuals we have the ability to take ownership of our histories and representations. Through the declarative act of flag making, Guard n Flags highlights how the personal is political. Our mission is to create personalized flags with the intent to re-claim, re-member, and re-present our narratives.”

$ 20 per participant

Register to take home your very own garden flag by visiting us at Quirk or sign up via email!

Contact with your name, number of participants and phone number to set up payment.