Leigh Suggs + Quirk Residency // Welcoming Reception

LEIGH SUGGS-front_final

We’re having a party and you’re invited!

Hope you will help us welcome the newest member of the Quirk Gallery family, Leigh Suggs on Thursday, September 3 from 6 to 9 pm.

We are so excited to announce Leigh as the very first artist to take part in the Quirk Residency program. A recent MFA graduate from VCU’s Fibers Department, Leigh is originally from North Carolina and holds a BFA from UNC.

The Quirk Residency program exists to invite artists from all mediums, cultures, academic and societal backgrounds to create and explore their own work. Providing the resident artist with time and space away from their usual environment, we hope to let them discover new channels and opportunities for creative inspiration. Our Quirk Residency program allows individuals the opportunity to be submerged in the supportive Richmond community.

Leigh Suggs’ Artist Statement:
“I am interested in an in-between space during the act of seeing. The in-between space lies on the spectrum of the reality in front of us and what our brain tells us. It is within this “pure” space, that an individual can experience an unaltered, unaffected, and unchanged vision. While this purity can only exist for a fleeting moment, that moment defines the highest peak of personal experience. After this moment passes, the sight/vision can never be the same. We are constantly bearing witness to the inexpressible, and this fleeting moment of pure seeing is something we should all revel in. Deceptively simple and minimalistic in content, my work asks the viewer to be patient and to contemplate what is happening. I explore movement, light, and translucency through the use of singular, pattern producing gestures. The reflective surfaces and vibrant intense colors are a simultaneous reflection of physical and psychological states, which make my work ocular and auric. I make art that investigates visual manipulations as subdued objects and experiences.”