Make Your Own Valentines with Studio Two Three!

studio23_valentines event_square

Still trying to figure out a unique gift for Valentine’s Day? Let artists from Studio Two Three help you craft your very own Valentine. Bring your kids or a couple of friends to this special event—makes for a great date night, too!

Not only will you be able to make a handmade (and local) card but you’ll have the opportunity to see all the work exhibited by Studio Two Three’s community of artists in this month’s Shop and Vault shows.

“Studio Two Three is Richmond’s only community printmaking workshop. We inspire innovation in printmaking by providing studio facilities, education, artist residency, and open doors. We provide 24/7 access to presses, darkroom, digital lab, communal workspace, and individual studios to support production, creative practice, and discourse. We are professionals, amateurs, teachers and students.

This exhibition features prints by artists working at Studio Two Three, Studio Two Three’s Richmond map prints, and a sneak peek at Studio Two Three’s new facility, The Addition, coming April 2015.

Artists exhibiting include: Chilalay, Ajah Courts, Molly Fair, Guard N Flags, Ashley Hawkins, Richard Harris, The Humble Collective, Mara Hyman, Brooke Inman, and Aijung Kim.”