Mallory Page Book Signing

MalloryPage_2015 Invitation_The So Good_Richmond (2)

New Orleans artist, Mallory Page is touring the southeast this summer to promote the publication of her first monograph, “The Alchemy Never Starts Or Never Stops.” Her book tour brings her to Richmond on Wednesday, June 3. She’ll be on hand from 6 to 8 pm and advance copies will be available for purchase.

Quirk Gallery is thrilled to host this event with Mallory and The SoGood (, a place where women can discover the best local providers based on trusted recommendations from friends. The SoGood was created to help busy women, like themselves, live a good life—one filled with family & friends, great design, good food, many celebrations, happy homes – and maybe just a bit more free time.

Mallory Page’s Notes from the Studio

“I work with sensory, often in monochromatic fields. It is not meant to create thought but to enhance the tactile process. The idea is to definitively make a case for visual attributes in a new world where human intricacies decline. Abstraction is mystical. For some painters, it is the only way to release the deepest intangible thought from within. The work is created to pulse with fluidity and light as to act as streams of thought replaced with sensuality.

When I think of a good painting- I rely on it’s energy. Does it have an unexplained, undeniable gravitational force? It is not so much how the work looks to me but it’s about how it moves you, I study the emotional experience in work, I study the artists lives- the humanity within work is the trigger to what draws me within a piece. I consistently try to imprint my own being into the work as well- you’ve got to have gravitation. You’ve got to have unexplained force.”

Mallory’s work is in public and private collections throughout the United States. In 2010, the artist opened her Julia Street Studio in the New Orleans Arts District. Where she continues to challenge herself to larger scale canvases. For more information and to see images of Mallory’s work please visit