Opening Reception | Valerie Hardy

Join us for our next Mezzanine exhibit, “Life Stills” from Richmond based artist, Valerie Hardy.
“Life Stills comprises ten recent paintings, all still lifes of a variety of objects of interest to me. Why they are interesting to me I can’t say, except that something about the way they sit on a table, how the light hits them, the reflections that light causes in the foreground, their relationship to each other (sometimes lined up, sometimes a jumble), gets my attention. Though I find painting interior spaces and all they contain endlessly interesting as well, for me a well-experienced still life says as much about how it feels to be alive as any art form I know.” —Valerie Hardy
Valerie Hardy has lived and worked as an artist in Virginia since 1981. She and her husband, the artist Martin Johnson, moved to the Church Hill area of Richmond in 2008. She will be in Paris this coming November and December for a residency at the Cite Internationale des Arts. Over her entire artistic career, Hardy has focussed on the interplay of the objects, the spaces, the light, the people that catch her eye. Her challenge is to reveal the relationships among and between them, in a way that says something visually interesting while representing these things as identifiably themselves.