TRUNK SHOW DOUBLE FEATURE: Tulip & Bear + Mac’s Smack

Join us on Saturday, May 21 for not one but TWO terrific trunk shows from a couple of amazing local makers.
Margaret Hunter of Tulip & Bear will be at Quirk with her full Launch collection, a thoughtfully curated and carefully created line of candles designed to evoke a sense of transportation to a specific place and time. Margaret will also be debuting a new scent as part of this event.
McKenzie Payne of Mac’s Smack, offers small batch, socially concious, handmade skincare items including facial products, lotions, balms, tonics, and more. Demonstrations for each of these products are available on request. Quirk has been fortunate enough to offer select products over the years but this is the first chance you’ll have to sample McKenzie’s entire line.
More about Tulip & Bear:

“Since I was a young girl I loved burning candles. Lighting them made my room a cozy retreat to drink tea, daydream, and write in my journal. It made me feel so grown up and refined to have a candle lit in my room, to have a unique smell of my own. As I grew, my taste refined and I was seeking out not just any scented candles but the right ones. Living and working in NYC and my addiction already in full swing, I couldn’t avoid the high-end candle shops calling my name, begging me to hand over my earnings for the must-have-candle and its 60 transcendent hours of burn time.While on vacation in France with girlfriends, I made the trek to Grasse, the capital of perfumery, and was overwhelmed not only sensually, but also intellectually by the process of creating scent. It felt like art and science flirting.  A few years later, my now husband proposed to me on the banks of the Seine in Paris. We spent the next week wandering the streets and popping into fragrance and candle shops and falling in love. I bought a scent to remind me of that time together. Whenever I splash some on my neck, I’m brought back to that week. Of all our 5 senses, the sense of smell has the ability to transport us in time.  

All of these sensational experiences with scent swimming around in my head and heart were looking for a place to land. The desire to curate scent, to have an active involvement in selecting the scents that would bring back memories and create moods, would not cease. And so I started playing around with essential oils, fragrance oils, and eventually with wax. I started making candles for my husband’s office and for our first home.  And what started as a hobby, grew into a business. I wanted to make candles of the same high quality and refined aesthetic as the ones in my favorite designer candle shops, but at a fraction of the price.”  —Margaret Hunter

More about Mac’s Smack:

“My fascination with products began at an early age. From the age of 8 I would convince my Dad to take me to the nearest “drug store” or mall to spend all of my money on lip balms, glosses, hair products and sweet smelling body care items.  I’ve never wavered in my adoration of sweet smelling, feel good products. I’ve always been a sucker for great packaging and quality brands. After my first son was born, I found myself reading every label, growing food for our family, eating locally grown and considering every product I purchased. I realized the products I’d been putting on my body for most of my life were potentially causing harm to my health. I had a vision to independently produce a unique line of socially-conscious products that would bring happiness and ease to all who used them. I began studying and researching pure ingredients from mother nature that provide maximum benefit without harming the environment or our health. It is important to me to limit our exposure to toxic chemicals, hormone disruptors and allergic sensitizers so I’ve selected clean ingredients closest to their natural state that are non-toxic and highly effective that provide maximum efficacy. Each ingredient has been tested on myself, my family and any human who would give me the opportunity. Creating minimalist highly concentrated formulas without fillers, synthetics or artificial ingredients is my commitment to you. I hope you feel moved to use our products and love the results as much as I do.” —McKenzie Payne