Weird Empire + Enemy To Fashion Trunk Show

WE_ETF trunk show card_FRONT

Save the date for a weekend-long trunk show featuring two brands new to Quirk Gallery: Weird Empire and Enemy To Fashion. They’ll be travelling to Richmond for this special event and will be bringing enamel pins, sunglasses, hats, accessories, stationery, apparel and more!

Weird Empire is a personal problem turned public nuisance: our line of passive-aggressive goods are an unhappy marriage between classic taste and bad ass style. Ruled by our benevolent tyrant Rebecca Henderson: we live, freak, and die by the creed. So join us or don’t: eyh it’s whatever.

Existing somewhere between party crash and grid crash, Enemy to Fashion is engineered to showcase disruption. We are mystic time travelers who choose to travel to today, everyday. This moment. Because we have seen the future: and while we aren’t at liberty to discuss it in detail: today is the most important day of your fucking life. We’re here to help get you ready for it. And though, for obvious reasons, we can’t tell you exactly what it is, trust us: you need our help. Our products have been custom programmed to systematically dissimulate you from the illusion of modernity. We design camouflage for a world not yet seen through the eyes of non-believers. So don’t get distracted, be the distraction. Your future/ past selves will thank you for it.