Amy Rice Main Gallery

  • Opens — 2014 March 06

  • Closes — 2014 April 27

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Be Attitudes: New Work by Amy Rice

In Alice Walker’s novel, Temple of my Familiar, the character Shug composes her own Beatitudes.  I was fairly young when I first read the book and I had 2 powerful reactions to this: You can do that? And also: It’s not Be Attitudes? As in, “an attitude you should have, how you should be.”?

My first artist statement for my first art show was:

Grow Flowers

Ride a Bike

Love an Animal

Learn Something New

Find Your Wings

Make Art of it All


It is my own Beatitudes (be attitudes). How I be happy. A decade plus into my art career and I rarely finish a piece of art that doesn’t echo those sentiments.

Be Attitudes is a body of work consciously created to reflect and celebrate what makes me happy.

In this body of work there is a constant in each piece; mediums and materials that were made by another’s hand, long ago. There is antique correspondence and antique embroidery (some stitched by my great and great-great grandmother). There are feed sacks from my family farm, mended by hand by my grandmother to be used again and again. These elements combine with my own handwork for collaborations decades in the making.