Andras Bality Main Gallery

Jefferson Baths
  • Opens — 2014 January 10

  • Closes — 2014 January 31

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My paintings deal with human activities which take place in the conceptual as well as the physical space between two points: the space between mind and matter, between the spoken and the unspoken, between the world as pure concept and the world as empirical fact.

After he completed his undergraduate work at Virginia Commonwealth University in 1985, Bality did graduate work at Cyprus College of Art, Lemba, Cyprus, in 1987. Since then his work has been shown in a number of solo exhibitions in Virginia, Georgia, and North Carolina. Bality’s work has also been selected for a number of group exhibitions which include the Wall Street Galleries, New York, NY; the Ernst Museum, Budapest, Hungary; and the Ora Gallery, Nicosia, Cyprus.  He has been honored by a grant from the Virginia Museum of Fine Art.