Elizabeth Kendall Main Gallery

Elizabeth Kendall
  • Opens — 2014 June 05

  • Closes — 2014 June 29

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I work with lush white porcelain using tools and processes that are familiar to the kitchen, the sewing room and the clay studio. As I explore the curious and wonderful properties of this ceramic material I am also thinking about my history: childhood memories of my grandmother’s sewing room, my mother’s quirky sayings, red tutus and black ballet shoes; and my current life activities: sailing, travel, family time.

The shapes that emerge are a conversation between my hands and the clay. They are fabric scraps and building blocks: bricks and windows that define space and celebrate light and shadow. The forms can move and meander along the wall or my eye and hand can explore space both within and around.

By combining the past and the present and by exploring repetition and variation I can tell more than one story at a time.  I can create different environments and opportunities to breathe in different perspectives—perhaps, like a musical phrase, offering a brief measure of grace.