Handle With Care: Sparkle Plenty 11 Main Gallery

  • Opens — 2016 November 17

  • Closes — 2016 December 31

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One of the gems of Quirk Gallery’s yearly exhibition schedule is Sparkle Plenty, an annual jewelry show that takes place suring late-November through the entire month of December. Sparkle Plenty highlights innovative and fresh points of view from contemporary artists using jewelry as their medium. Inclusion in Sparkle Plenty is through invitation only, and participants are offered space in the Main Gallery to exhibit a collection of work adhering to the designated theme of the show set by Quirk Gallery.

We are thrilled to have Abbie Gaiger, Jera Lodge, Lousie Perrone and Emily Rogstad as our featured artists in Sparkle Plenty 2016. Sparkle Plenty is one of the only times visitors to Quirk are invited to interact with the artwork on display in the Main Gallery, making it a truly special exhibition. This year’s title, “Handle With Care,” encourages viewers to playfully and respectfully handle and try on the jewelry created by our four fabulous participating artists. Each artist’s collection consists of one “statement” piece, as well as ten other pieces reflecting the qualities of this standout item. In total, the Main Gallery will be filled with forty-four pieces of jewelry to fall for, created by four of contemporary jewelry’s most inventive and enthusiastic craftswomen.