Pam Sutherland Mezzanine

  • Opens — 2017 January 06

  • Closes — 2017 March 12

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“I am interested in the space between sentiment and formalism. My work, by appropriating and adding to the collected evidence of my life, pays homage to art’s unique ability to give permanence to the fleeting.

Each of these collages is prompted by a single 7 x 11″ scrapbook page. The scrapbook itself was scavenged from a random drawer of a deceased friend, artist, and colleague, Kevin Kelly, months after he passed away. While I have no way of knowing if this book was part of Kevin’s own family (I suspect not), I feel very much that the photographs that remain prompt me in a way that goes beyond any given person’s particulars. The black spaces conjure memory and history and allow me to engage intuitively with text, image, and materials. I hope the juxtapositions that result are curious and compelling; that the visual decisions are grounded in an emotional truth, however frivolous or profound. In the end, this body of work is a way to collaborate with and remember a person I loved.”


Pam Sutherland is an artist residing in Richmond, Virginia working in mixed media and collage. She has been teaching, drawing, and painting at The Collegiate School since 1998 and counts her students as the most inspiring parts of her life. Her work is in several public collections including the Federal Reserve Bank, Wachovia Securities, and the Try Me Collection. Pam holds a BA in Fine Art from The College of William and Mary and an MFA in painting from Washington University in St. Louis.