JUNE 1ST | 10Am - 3pm


Join us on Saturday, June 1st for a pop-up shop event with Dottir, a woman-and-mother-owned online shop based in Richmond, Virginia! The pop-up event will be held in the Main Gallery from 10am - 3pm, featuring Dottir’s unique collection of clothing, jewelry, and accessories!

We are Dottir: Dottir is inspired by the natural beauty of Iceland and the strength and fortitude of its women. In Iceland, girls are given surnames based on their mother or father’s first name combined with the word “dóttir”. Iceland is also more advanced than most countries in the world when it comes to gender equality. When you visit Iceland, you’re surrounded by natural beauty and strong women and you can’t help but be moved.


JUNE 7th | 5pm - 8pm
QUIRK gallery Charlottesville 


Please join us in Charlottesville for the opening of Seth Bauserman’s art exhibition, Care Less. Seth’s work draws inspiration from the mark-making, subject matter and frame of mind of his young daughter’s art. 

Teach us to care and not to care

Teach us to sit still.      – T.S. Eliot


I am careless. My attention is insufficient. Spread too thin over countless things that do not matter or drain me. I want to focus. To concentrate my care on things I choose. To give me attention to the things I love. Things that fill me. That put me back in touch with my self. I want to care less. 

I watch my daughter understand this. You can tell how unburdened and free her mind is. I watch her approach her art with a clarity I envy. She doesn’t care what I think of her drawings. She doesn’t care what it’s about. She just follows her attention and satisfies it. It is perfect in her eyes. 

By borrowing the subject matter of my daughter's drawings I am exploring this space between us. Between innocence and experience. Self-belief and learned self-doubt. I want to better understand how she offers her attention to the world. What she deems important, and what she lets go of. I am hoping she can teach me when to care and not to care and when to sit still.

– Seth Bauserman


Seth Bauserman lives and works in Richmond, Virginia. Through a combination of painting, drawing, and printmaking techniques, his work contemplates the complex and layered nature of identity. He is a 2017 recipient of a Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Professional Fellowship.

Blooming Girls Workshop with Theodora Miller 

JUNE 15th | 10Am - 12pm


Join us for an afternoon of creating abstract floral paintings! Richmond artist Theodora Miller will share her inspirational story from brain injury to full-time artist and guide you through a hands-on process of painting and collaging a Blooming Girl painting. You’ll explore painterly brushstrokes and play with colorful paint chips from her recycled palette papers. Each blossom will have its own details and imperfections that will make her complex, graceful, beautiful and wise.


You will create and take home your very own Blooming Girls masterpiece: one 5x7” on the prettiest handmade cotton rag paper with deckled edges. Supplies, instruction and libations included!


Tickets are available through our online shop: Blooming Girls Tickets



After a traumatic brain injury forced Theodora into complete isolation and cognitive rest, artful living took on new meaning; it became an essential part of her healing.

Today, Theodora has a thriving creative practice as a visual artist, ceramicist and creative entrepreneur. Her ever-evolving visual language draws inspiration from her emotions, surroundings, Hellenic heritage and ancient symbols. Her signature elements are intuitive brushstrokes, gestural marks, and layers built over time. Each soulful creation carries intricate details, texture and a story.


Her artwork is featured in corporate collections and treasured by art lovers around the world. She resides in Richmond, Virginia but her spirit dwells on an island in the Aegean Sea.

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